For many of us business owners, the new year is a time to regather our vision for the business, take time to ourselves and spend time with the family. As people we think of resolutions that we need, and as business owners this is just as important. For business owners making a new years resolution can make a huge impact both for your motivation when you start back at work as well as during the year.

Here’s our top 3 New Years Resolutions we recommend trying out:

1. Prioritise Balance

The 9 to 5 that most employees enjoy, is often not the same balance that business owners enjoy. That’s why it’s important to prioritise balance. To continue to be a successful entrepreneur you must take the time to recharge your batteries, otherwise you risk burning out or making errors. Take time for you, try a yoga class or go for a walk along the beach. Promise us and yourself that you’ll make the time for balance this New Year.

2. Make Work Fun

Own a business they said, it’ll be fun they said. Okay, we’ve all been there – the questions of “why did I start this” and “I have no time anymore” are common questions business owners ask themselves. And if you’ve asked yourself these, it’s time to a) prioritise balance like we firstly recommended, and two start making work FUN! Create a happy place at work by creating happiness boosting traditions – yes you heard us right! Whether that’s a daily joke, watching a funny youtube video or making your workspace more invigorating. It’s important to have fun!

3. Delegate

Now, this is crucial. If you want to make work more fun, and prioritise balance you’re probably going to have to delegate. You could delegate a Fun enforcer at work, or delegate a job that you’ve been doing to an up and coming employee. You’re smart, you’ve accomplished a professional business and you’re probably not great at delegating because you trust yourself to do the job right. Are we right or are we right? So, stop that and start to delegate some of your tasks to employees that you’ve hired to help. Shifting the work to someone else is an adjustment, but once trained and confident you’ll have more balance in your life!

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