Three Steps to a 2019 Business Plan!

One of the most common questions asked by our clients is for me to help them with their business plan. Sometimes even to write their business plan for them.

The consensus seems to be that writing a business plan is just too hard. Normally at this point their voice is filled with fear and they are holding their breath waiting for my reply. A business plan can seem a scary thing, but it does not have to be. Although Nurture technically can write a business plan, you could call us crazy but we won’t do it for you – why you ask? No other person apart from you knows your business and the ideas and plans you have as thoroughly as you.

Prove this by drafting your business plan yourself. The exercise will most likely give you a confidence boost as when you read your first draft, you will realise just how many ideas you have to move forward with. To put it very simply, a business plan is where you are at now with your business, and where you plan for it to go, and how are you going to make this happen. It is your roadmap.

So, although we won’t write one for you (because we want to empower you), we will however give you simple steps to write one.

  1. Write down you goals for your business.
  2. Sort these goals into short and medium term.
  3. Then use a template for your business plan, such as THIS TEMPLATE provided by the and start to type.

If you find there are certain sections that you are unsure of, or do not understand, then use this as a learning curve. If you have discovered that you have a hole in the knowledge of what you need to know with starting your business then down tools. This is the time for you to perhaps educate yourself or do some research. Better to have this lack of information sorted before you attempt to get things off the ground. Use this exercise of drafting a plan to your advantage. Soon enough you will have a first draft. Now, that does not seem too hard at all.

At Nurture Accounting, we love to work with clients particularly when starting their new business. Whilst we believe you dollars could be spent more effectively than we as your accountant write it for you, we will happily work through the review stage and add feedback and ideas to move forward. We have put together a template for a DIY business plan so that you can have a useful tool to start with and hit the ground running. When you are ready to share your business plan and work with an experienced business advisor whom will add value to your business startup, make contact with Nurture Accounting.

Need to bounce your ideas with someone! We’ve got just the person!