We’ve all had those days, where we sit back and think – Wow I got so much done! Then we also have those days where we look back and go, where did time go? I still have so much to do!

So what makes a productive and non-productive day? The answer is how you are budgeting your time!

No matter if you’re a manager, staff member or business owner it’s easy to loose track of the day. So here at Nurture Accounting we want you to not only set budgets financially, but also set budgets for your time!

By budget we mean the organising of your time, to enable you to be more effective and productive. To help we’ve put together 5 FREE Time management apps that will increase your productivity.

Cost: FREE
Available on: iOS | Mac

Be focused is a timer that allows you to track blocks of work, as well as view prior work history. This will help you manage set and track your goals as well as tasks, you’ll also be able to customise work intervals to get the most out of your day.

Free Time Management Apps To Increase Your Productivity

Cost: FREE (Basic Option)
Available on: iOS | Android | Desktop | Most Web Apps

Todoist is a time management app that will help you assign to-do items and set due dates, you can also tag the to-do items with different tag labels. We love this because you can simply add tasks form any device (desktop or phone). It also focuses on your growth (which we love) as you get points for completing tasks consistently!

Free Time Management Apps To Increase Your Productivity

3. 30/30 APP
Cost: FREE
Available on: iOS

A lot of what you get out of the day, comes down to your ability to know when to move onto the next task Which is why we LOVE 30/30! This application allows you to focus on a specific task, but the catch is for 30 minutes, and when your time is up you stop and move on to the next item. The cycle is repeated. This is great for tracking the time that you’re spending on each task also!

Free Time Management Apps To Increase Your Productivity

Cost: FREE
Available on: iOs | Android

Who here has a bad habit? Whether it’s sleeping in, spending too much time on social media or simply not being in control of your day Loop can help. Habitloop makes it easier to be productive, both at work and at home. Simply set a goal and select the behaviour that you want to repeat on a daily basis. Eventually you’ll get into sync with these good habits and your bad ones will be left behind! This includes time management!

Free Time Management Apps To Increase Your Productivity

Cost: FREE
Available on: Desktop (paid option for mobile)

Noisli is great for those who find distractions… distracting. Noisli helps by blocking out distractions enabling you to focus on your task in front of you. You can choose nature sounds or ocean waves or customise your own sound. Ahh, relaxing and productive– thanks Noisli.

We highly recommend you visit www.noisli.com and have a listen ?

Remember that in order to get the most out of your day you need to value and budget your time.

We can help you get on top of things!