We’ve got some great news

Now here’s some great news you’re going to want to stay tuned for, because it could mean money back in your pocket, thanks to, well – us. Hot off the press, it’s official – Nurture Accounting has just been awarded GOLD Partner status by Xero.

We’re confident that the Xero brand needs no introduction to savvy small business people such as yourselves. However, just in case you’ve been living under a rock, they boast that “online accounting with Xero opens up a world of opportunities to increase efficiency, streamline the way you manage your business, and add moments of beauty into your working day”.

Now, it’s no secret that the Nurture Team are Xero junkies. We fell head over heels, it was love at first reconciliation – and the relationship is still going strong 7 years later. And now, Xero has finally proposed to us – with our shiny new GOLD status.

“Online accounting with Xero opens up a world of opportunities to increase efficiency, streamline the way you manage your business, and add moments of beauty into your working day”

GOLD status doesn’t just mean discounts for you

Yes, we know, a 25% discount is AWESOME. But you should also know that it’s pretty much the same as saying that as far as accountants go – we’re the bees’ knees. GOLD status basically means we can get you set up and running with Xero easily and efficiently. It also means we can help you with learning the software, as well as support you if you come across any issues along the way.

We can also help with advice about implementing and integrating the incredible range of add-on software apps available to Xero users. In short; we can help take your business to the next level and beyond.

“The reason emailing can take us so long is because we need two different mindsets – processing & thinking”

Hurry up and tell me how this benefits ME?!

The main benefit is as a Xero Gold Partner, we have access to a 25% discount on the Xero subscriptions we control (Xero Business Plans). What’s more – we’ll be passing on 100% of this discount to ALL our clients new and old.

We decided it’s about time we put Xero’s money where our mouth is – and show you that we really do care about you guys.

Oh yeh, so what’s the catch?

No catch, no up-sell, no special fine print. Our only requirement is that fees are set-up to be paid monthly OR your subscription is paid 3 months in advance. That’s it!!

Existing business edition clients will be receiving communication from our office later this month about how this will impact them.

Existing partner edition clients (Xero Cashbook) will also receive communication from our office on if upgrading to a Business Edition plan with the discount may be of benefit to them.

How did Nurture become a Xero GOLD Partner?

Through blood, sweat and tears. Ok, but seriously, Xero GOLD status basically reflects our level of experience with Xero, and the success we have achieved for our clients. It’s an achievement we are not too shy to boast about, because we have been intensely working towards this goal as a team for quite some time.

At Nurture, we have not just one, but an entire team of Xero certified advisors. This means there is always a team member available to guide you in how to use the functions in Xero, to better understand how your business is performing.

A 25% discount still hasn’t convinced you to switch to Xero?

As I always say, real-time figures are your secret weapon – your best friend. Xero delivers on this and more. So why don’t we share with you just a few of the reasons why we think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Main pro’s to Xero:

  • Run your business anytime, from any internet-connected device – phone, tablet or computer
  • Understand your real-time cash position
  • Collaborate with your accountant, bookkeeper and team in real-time
  • Get paid faster for better cash flow
  • Protect your business data

“Real-time figures are your secret weapon – your best friend”

Not using Xero and want to know more? Using Xero but not getting the love and support you are seeking? New to business and need help?